Shruthi Gupta

#Shruthi Gupta, Creative Director @ SpACE

One part dancer, one part choreographer, Shruthi’s tryst with Kathak began at the tender age of six with Guru Chitra Venugopal at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Twenty years into this journey, Shruthi’s exposure and experience in the performing arts field has evolved her into a learned performer. She holds a Masters Degree in Kathak and aspires to one day serve the well-being of humanity through dance – through meditation in motion.

During her time with Chitra Didi, Shruthi gave her first solo stage debutant at the age of nine. She also participated as a principle dancer at a number of prestigious dance events with Didi and the team.

After her pre-university, taking her love for dance one step further, Shruthi completed her Bachelors Degree at the Natya Institute of Kathak And Choreography. Blessed to be mentored by Late Guru Dr. Maya Rao, Shruthi choreographed and danced for a number of mythological, historical, Sanskrit, and contemporary dance dramas.


Shruthi is currently teaching, exploring, and learning at SpACE full-time under the guidance of Guru Anjana Gupta. She shares the vision of SpACE and is committed to disseminating the knowledge of Kathak. As she dwells deeper into her artform, she finds contentment in the ways of disciplined spiritual practices and aims at imparting these lessons through traditional cultural methodologies.

Shruthi has been privileged to attend innumerable workshops as part of the SpACE Kathak dissemination programs. Exponents like, Guru Maulik Bhai, Guru Shama Bhate, Guru Marami Didi have blessed her at the SpACE premises.


  • Junior Exam – Karnataka State Education Board
  • Auditioned B Grade Doordarshan Artist
  • Bachelors of Arts in Kathak and Choreography
  • Masters of Arts in Kathak (Khairagarh University)
  • Currently pursuing Phd in Kathak under the guidance of Gurus Mahamahopadhyay Puru Dadeechiji and Guruma Vibha Dadeehcji.