#A Social Cause

Indian traditions, including our dance forms, are part of what defines us as a people. Our rich culture, tradition, colors, costumes, epics, mythology and the many contributions of both living and departed Guru’s must be preserved, enhanced and enriched, if we are to retain our unique identity as a culture. And all this takes time, effort and resources.

#Our Contributions

We wanted to do this the right way - starting with incorporating ourselves as a Private Limited company, to bring in regulatory and audit oversight. We contributed our time over several years, as well as prime real estate in Central Bangalore, at no cost.

#Resource crunch and donations

However that is just not enough. Original music compositions, performances, musicians and other professionals, all need more resources than can be generated internally. The Income Tax department understood and accepted our representation that we need contributions and granted donmations to SpACE exempt from Income Tax, as per applicable regulations.

#Specific Programs

We are looking to build and sponsor these initiatives:

  1. Pay a stipend to support basic living expenses to artists who want to be full-time students, but cannot do so due to financial needs
  2. Sponsor PhD scholarships in Kathak, in association with Sri Sri University, Cuttack
  3. Encourage more students to learn Kathak for free
  4. Support distance learning by sponsoring affordable laptops

#Donate Now

We accept donations under Sec 80G of the Income Tax Act, making donees eligible for applicable tax benefits.

Please donate here.

Send us a mail at with details of donations made and your PAN number. You will receive a donation receipt to claim tax exemption the following May. Thank you!

#Foreign Contributions

We do not have, nor intend to, receive donations from outside India. Therefore we do not have an FCRA registration. Do not make any donations if you are not a citizen of India and/or making donations in a currency other than Indian Rupees.