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SpACE was founded and established under the able mentorship of Vidushi Anjana Gupta in December 2012, with the blessings of her Gurus - Guru Chitra Venugopal and Guru Dr. Maya Rao,

At the academy, we have a single-minded focus on ‘traditional’ Kathak.

Our approach to the art form is refreshingly holistic with a view to incorporating all the elements described in the ancient treatise Natyashashtra, that is both entertaining and educating.

As Shri Arjun Bharadwaj ji says
प्रेक्षकाणां प्रमोदाय प्रीतये परमात्मनः | कुर्मस्स्वचित्तशुद्ध्यर्थं चिद्रसाभिनयं वयम् ||

the materialistic purpose of dance is to delight the hearts of the spectators
and whose ultimate purpose is the purification of one’s own mind and soul.

Our social aim is to propagate, preserve and enhance Kathak. Our concept of Kathak education lies in creating, performing and appreciating the form, through artistic, aesthetic and cultural education.

Regular training classes are held throughout the week. Every year examinations are conducted (we are affiliated to various universities for national and international certifications), that bring essential focus on theory and accelerate learning.

To give a holistic exposure the SpACE Kathak Festival is organized every year where most learners get to experience performance on stage with a live audience. We continue to be impressed with the quantum jump in learning due to this and other in-house performances.

We work with leading artists to compose our own music, choreograph unique thematic dances and present them with our students - “Kathak Sarita”, “Krishnamayee”, “Samarpan”, “Khoj” “Bibi Nachiyar” and “Ekatva” being a few notable presentations.

Senior disciples get to participate in the entire experience of theme construction, working with sanskrit scholars, music composers, sound recording and editing, choreography, costumes and presentation.

We aim to help you blossom as a solo artist - and for you to build a professional career in this field - for there are many options available for an extremely satisfying life, vastly more enjoyable than the rat-race of conventional careers.

We follow a highly structured curriculum and methodology, including:

Workshops – by eminent Gurus from across India.

Taal & Laya – with musicians.

Story Telling – enables learners to 'connect' with the dance.

Choreography – self learning and expression.

SpACE Repertory – selected learners join a high-intensity performing group.

Kathak Certification – certifications from Junior to Vidwat.

Annual Stage Performances – professional stage exposure.


Anjana Gupta, Founder Director

Anjana Gupta

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Shruthi Gupta, Creative Director

Shruthi Gupta

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